Thread Veins & Blue Veins

Blue veins are faint blue veins that run down the leg. Spider Veins or Thread Veins as they are commonly known are fed from the blue veins; they are blood vessels that are near the surface of the skin which have become visible. They look like thin red and bluish lines in the skin, causing an unsightly appearance of the vein.

The main cause of this condition is hereditary, but also a number of factors contribute to the appearance of these vessels including; activities or occupations such as hair dressers that require prolonged sitting or standing, pregnancy and other events that cause hormonal changes, weight gain and the use of certain medications, that can lead to broken capillaries and prominent veins showing through the skin. These thread veins can dramatically affect ones confidence, restricting the type of clothes or swim wear one would wear. Many people of all ages have this condition but there are treatments available to remove and prevent further veins appearing the main one being Sclerotherapy. Most practitioners may treat only the thread veins but Dr James believes the best results are achieved when the root cause of the problem is eliminated by treating the blue ‘feeder’ veins also. Dr James is a member of the British Association of Sclerotherapists so you can rest assured you are in safe hands.

What's involved?

The condition is treated by injecting an irritant into the individual tiny spider veins or blue veins (blue vein treatment can only be performed by a fully qualified and experienced Doctor). The veins almost instantly disappear as the irritant closes the capillary. The amount of treatment required will be discussed at the FREE consultation with Dr James. The session shouldn’t be painful; the patient will feel a small scratch and possibly a slight stinging sensation. The treatment can be performed in sessions lasting anything from a 30-60 minute session. Depending upon the severity of the problem, some patients may need a treatment plan, this can be determined upon a FREE consultation with Dr James Kimilu. Once the treatment course is complete the patient will need an annual review with the possibility of a small session as further thread veins may occur.

Cost of this treatment: from £275