Skin Peels

The skin can appear dull and lifeless over time; this is caused by dead skin cells sitting on the surface of the skin. Chemical peels are used to peel away the skins top layer to allow healthy new cells to grow giving the skin a smoother, clearer appearance. Skin peels can achieve a glowing, younger looking skin, using a variety of manufactured ingredients. We offer a range of peels from lighter exfoliating peels for a gentle yet effective way to boost radiance and vitality that will leave your skin healthier and fresher, to deep peels more suitable for problematic skin such as smokers skin, pigmentation problems, sun damage and acne scarring.

Who is suitable?

If you have sun damaged, smokers skin, you have scars that make the surface of the skin uneven, acne scarring, the skin colour is blotchy or uneven, sun spots or brown spots and facial wrinkles.

What's Involved?

Each peel has a different form of application and skin preparation, Dr James will discuss the peel most suitable for you at the consultation process.

Prices – from £70