Obaji Nu-Derm System

Transform Your Skin From the Inside Out

Skin aging is a natural process, but daily sun exposure can contribute to premature aging, slowing down the turnover of skin cells between healthy new cells and old damaged cells.

The Nu-Derm System penetrates the skin’s surface to transform the skin’s appearance and help correct the damage within…revealing healthy, younger-looking skin.

Nu-Derm is ideal if you have:

  • Age spots
  • Rough skin
  • Erythema (redness)
  • Sallowness (yellowish complexion)
  • Hyperpigmentation (discoloration)

The Obagi Nu-Derm System is the leading clinically tested, FDA-approved, prescription strength skin care system. It combines Tretinoin (an anti-aging Vitamin A derivative otherwise known as Retin A) and Hydroquinone (which evens skin tone and reduces hyperpigmentation).

The Obagi Nu-Derm Starter Set contains 7 products which are all designed to work together in perfect harmony ensuring optimum results. You probably already use some alternative brand products already e.g. cleanser, toner and sun-block. In addition, some of the products are used only at night resulting in an easy to manage system.

After suffering with hyperpigmentation for 20 years I have spent so much time – and money on makeup to hide away the brown stains on my face. After using Obagi nuderm for 4 weeks the results were just amazing! The difference in the pigmentation was astounding. Once I had completed to course I was prescribed I was like a new woman! Dr James has changed my life, I am so much more happy and confident and I cannot thank him enough