Mesotherapy involves injections of collagen stimulating vitamins injected into the dermis of the skin using a fine needle and is the perfect solution to combat signs of the ageing process. Mesotherapy injections consist of 55 active and unique ingredients.
•15 vitamins types, including vitamin A, B, C, E and K
•Over 24 Amino Acids that restructure and repair tissue.
•4 minerals are used to regulate cell functions
•To increase tissue reconstruction, 6 coenzymes are used
•5 nucleic acid types
•Hyaluronic acid

What’s involved?

The treatment consists of 7 treatments at weekly intervals for the first month, then at 2 weeks intervals thereafter. A topical anaesthetic will be applied to the skin 20 minutes prior to treatment. Once numb, the tiny injections of vitamins are administered to the desired area, taking approximately 15 minutes. This combination of ingredients helps to improve skins firmness and restructure mature, aged skin. Results will take a few days to appear and skin will look fresher, brighter and smoother.

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