Frequently Asked Questions

Cosmetic, Physician & Clinic

What types of treatments do you perform?

At Dr James Clinic, we perform a range of non-invasive Cosmetic Treatments, namely, anti-wrinkle injections, Sculptra, Facial Peels, Dermal Fillers, Genuine Dermaroller Treatment, Mesotherapy, treatment for excessive sweating, Microdermabrasion and Thread Vein Removal.

How do I know if your clinic is legitimate?

Our cosmetic physician Dr James Kimilu, who’ll be treating you is a medical doctor who specializes in Aesthetic and cosmetic medicine. He is also a Member of the General Medical Council. Also the brands we are associated with for the treatments we provide are of world-class quality, such as Botox, Sculptra, Juvederm and Restylane to name a fewt

Are you and your team members fully qualified?

All our staff members are highly trained and qualified in their respective areas of specialty. Certifications and referrals are available upon request.

Where do treatments and operations take place?

The treatments are administered in a state of the art facility within the clinic. And, yes you may schedule a free consultation and visit us. Prior to visiting us you may also click here to view a few photographs of the clinic.eget

Will I get to meet the Cosmetic Physician who will perform the treatment?

Of course you may meet with Dr James Kimilu. In fact, we can do something much better for you. Call us today and schedule a free consultation for a face to face chat with him.

How often do you do the specific treatment that I’m about to undergo?

Dr Kimilu has been practicing for over 8 years at UK’s largest and leading cosmetic surgery group and is well versed in all the mentioned cosmetic treatments.


What is the total cost of the procedure? Will I have to pay for any “extras”

We assure you that our prices are competitive and we do not compromise the quality of our services no matter what. The process mentioned are all inclusive and non-invasive cosmetic treatments require minimal after-care treatments and therefore you will not be required to pay for any extras unless under special conditions. Please contact us for more details on specific treatments.

May I see “before and after” photographs of the procedures?

Yes you may. Please speak to one of our staff members during your visit to our clinic and they’ll be happy to assist you by furnishing ample “before” and “after” photographs.

How can I prepare for the treatment?

1. Is there anything that I need to keep in mind during the days leading up to the treatment?

2. What type of medication do I need to refrain from taking during this period?

Answers to these questions will be answered in great details at your initial consultation by Dr Kimilu himself as the pre-treatment care depends on the type of treatment you are to undergo and also your individual conditions. However the great thing about non-invasive treatments is that they do not require a great deal of preparation form your side.

Will I have to endure pain during the treatment? What about anesthesia?

Anesthesia is not required for non-invasive cosmetic treatments as the pain and discomfort you will go through are minimal.

Will I need to take time off work and other daily activities?

Not necessarily as non-invasive treatments generally take about 30 minutes.

How long is the recovery period?

Recovery periods may vary depending on each individual. However the recovery period for non-invasive cosmetic treatments is generally between 1-3 days. In the meantime,Dr Kimilu will advice you on any strenuous activity you may have to refrain from during this period.

Are there any after effects I should watch out for?

Non-invasive treatments are the safest of cosmetic procedures with minimal or no side effects whatsoever. Side effects you may have to watch out for are swelling, redness of skin on the treated area or nausea, all of which will go off during the recovery period. In the event there are any other side effects Dr Kimilu and our staff are always at hand to provide support or to treat you further.

Is there an emergency number I can reach the clinic on?

You can contact us on 0151 236 1370 during office hours and Dr Kimilu will furnish you with an emergency contact number upon consultation.