Aqualyx Fat Removal

Aqualyx Fat removal

Aqualyx Lipotherapy is a new and exciting treatment performed only by doctors. It is used for treating stubborn areas of fat such as chin, stomach, inner and outer thighs, hips and similar areas. It is not intended for weight loss, it is used to improve the contour of the body when diet and exercise has not worked.

How does it work.

Aqualyx solution is injected directly into the fatty tissue using a very thin sharp cannula, the treatment is virtually pain free, as fat tissue is almost free of sensation and the aqualyx solution contains an additional local anaesthetic. After treatment the area may redden and swell slightly and minor bruising may develop. Within the following weeks the treated fat cells are gradually dissolved. The body then releases the fatty acids naturally through the lymphatic system. Results are permanent however the procedure takes time to reach its full effect. Between 2 and 5 treatments may be required although a reduction of fat is visible after just one session.

How much does it cost.

Prices start from £250. A full consultation is required to give an exact costing.